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How Does Vent AIR work?
Let’s clear the FOG with Biotechnology

Vent uses biotechnology to stop the accumulation of FOG from the outset. Biological enzymes are sprayed into the extraction and ventilation system by specially installed nozzles. The enzymes dissolve the fats, oils and grease into flowable by-products which are then easily removed either through the air handling unit or by collection and drainage taps.

Achieve Permanently Clean Ductwork
To TR19 Standards.


This extraction system is suffering from an accumulation of FOG, meaning it is ineffective at doing its job. There is a very real fire hazard, numerous health & safety issues, and a hefty carbon footprint. There is also a stench of stale grease wafting through the restaurant. The cost to the business owner of maintaining this ventilation system can be significant.


Installation of Vent AIR has transformed the effectiveness of this kitchen extraction system. Employees are happier due to a more pleasant working environment, diners are returning to the restaurant and environmental health have just awarded this kitchen 5 stars. The cost to the business owner of maintaining this ventilation system is both predictable and minimised.

Duct Cleaning Ireland will carry out inspections on the kitchen extract systems to ensure that the ducts and extract fans are maintained to TR/19 standards. We then issue the TR/19 certs on the extract system.

The Vent AIR technology forms the basis of a service that reduces risks and ensures compliance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Vent AIR is not a ‘fit and forget’ concept. We help keep your ductwork continually clean, with frequent inspections and maintenance in a bespoke plan tailored to your business. Vent AIR is a unique technology that can significantly reduce risks, improve compliance and control costs.


Vent AIR has already been installed in over 400 kitchens throughout Europe, with our customers experiencing significant cost reductions in extraction system cleaning, maintenance and compliance.


With health & safety and environmental management playing such a pivotal compliance role in the catering industry, installation of Vent AIR assists in meeting standards by significantly reducing the accumulation of waste fats, oils and greases in kitchen extraction systems.


Vent AIR dissolves waste fats, oils and greases into glycerine and fatty acids, which are then removed either via the air handling unit or via drainage tapes. Odours are encapsulated and rancid, unpleasant odours are absorbed.

Strong Benefits with Little Effort

  • NSF certification
  • Continual cleaning
  • More pleasant working & dining environment
  • Entire ductwork route is cleaned
  • Professional installation, comprehensive service & highest product quality
  • We take responsibility for keeping your ductwork clean 365 days a year to TR19 & insurance requirements
  • Improved worker health
  • Initial site survey
  • No standstill of the kitchen for ductwork clean
  • Significantly improved fire safety
  • Significant cost control
  • Ensures compliance 24/7, 365 days a year.

Quick, No Fuss Installation

Vent AIR is not a ‘fit and forget’ concept. From your initial enquiry we will create a bespoke service plan that ensures your kitchen extract system stays continually clean, to TR19, 365 days a year. Our factory-trained engineers will visit your site throughout the year to verify the cleanliness of the entire route of your ductwork - not just the bits you can see - with ongoing inspections and maintenance.

  • Your initial enquiry
  • Site Survey
  • Bespoke proposal by Duct Cleaning IRE
  • Sign Off
  • Installation by factory trained engineers
  • Regulation inspection in accordance with TR19

Arrange a no Obligation site survey

Decide whether Vent AIR is right for you with a no obligation site survey. One of our team will work through a cost and benefit analysis to show how Vent can benefit your business.